Farm house about 5 miles out of Norcross, Minnesota

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Amanda and Charlie Beireis gave birth to all of their children while living in this farm house about 5 miles out of Norcross, Minnesota. Two of the children, Mel and Herb, were born in the house. When I visited the site of the farm in 2002 all that remained at that time was a culvert where you could drive from the road onto the property. I know I was in the right place because while visiting relatives in the area they gave explicit directions on how to get to the property.

Later years my sister, Judy (Goforth) King took half of my motherís cremation ashes and also visited the farm and spread her ashes on the farm, also known as "the place". Although I was not there I am sure that was a very emotional moment for her.

While traveling through the area in my air conditioned car in July and looking around the place I wondered why anybody thought they could farm that area. It was in the only area of Minnesota where there are no lakes so there is no water. I drove through Norcross that had a population of about 150 people when the Beireis clan lived there and it looks like it still is a thriving metropolis of about 150 people.

The family ran into hard times like many of the farmers of the Midwest because of the droughts and dust bowl era. It came to decision time of what to do and the family finally sold the farm, equipment and animals and loaded up the family car and headed west. The family delayed their move to allow my mother, Midge Goforth, to graduate from High School before leaving Minnesota.

It is my understanding that the family came to western Washington because there were several family members that lived out here so they would know somebody. I am not sure if the first place they moved to was the Reddington Farm on the north end of Auburn but that is the only place I remember them living before Grandpa Charles Beireis died in 1954 when I was 4 years old.

After Grandpa died Grandma moved into the Green River Homes in Auburn, WA where she lived until her death in 1976.

My personal goal for this project is not just the statistics but would like to see it develop into stories about our relatives and the affect they had on our lives. If you have stories, photos or documents you would like to share please contact me via email.

Skee Goforth - May 30th 2010


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My thanks and appreciation to the many cousins, Auntís and all my brothers, sister, and sister-in-laws who furnished the information contained in this family tree.

To my family without their encouragement I would not have finished.

To my husband, Jim, for the encouragement and all the work.

To my daughter, Judy, for talking me into this

To my son for the copies all the running around after information

To daughter-in-law who got information from my mother and out witted her in doing it

Midge Goforth May 2, 1975

feature 2 Editorís note: When I continued this project at the encouragement of my sister, Judy, I did not realize what I doing or how I was going to do it. I am sure Judy will deny she ever encouraged me to pick up the project but the truth is she put out some very strong hints. In reality she is the keeper of the family.

William (Skee) Goforth February 2010

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